Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My NEW crafty address book with Distress inks

Last evening I had a real good play lol...... I dont usually make things for myself, but I wanted to put all my crafty friends addresses together so I wouldnt loose them or have to go searching through emails to find them.
So I made a little crafty address book with my zutter machine for binding the ends Its all stamped and inked with distress inks......
back and front

and all the pages inside.... the damask stamp is from Judikins

I am looking forward now to filling in the pages with addresses

Its nice to make stuff for others but occassionally you have to do something just for you.....
Dont you think
Have a crafty day ju x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Seashell tags & Barbequed EGG!!

Morning Folkies,

Its another beautiful morning here, but I fear I have done too much this week messing in the garden and today I am paying for it,
so a day for just relaxing for me, how lucky that on qvc this aft. there is craft for 2 hours.
Altho its all about Christmas and I aint buying anymore christmas this year(for sure)
I have no ironing to do while its on, so I will just have to sit and cut out decoupage lol.....

Heres a little quickie using the shell stamp free with craft stamper this month, stamped with blue distress or with a mix of pink & peach

Beautiful shells from the beach in my stash box

I cut the top and bottom using a pair of fancy cut scissors which I bought yrs ago and thought I would never ever use, it just goes to show you if you save something long enough you will eventually use it lol

They have turned out rather cute me thinks.....

Heres a little snippet of someone waiting to be barbequed - my Eggypegs.
Didnt want to disturb him by removing my weed bag lol, but it does spoil the photie somewhat lol....
Have a crafty day everyone.... ju x

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

FREEBIE - from me to you

The backing paper freebie at the bottom of this post has been made by myself in photoshop using this image of the flower, I dont know what they are called but I think they are beautiful and I took the photie at a friends garden last week
if anyone knows what these flowers are I would appreciate you letting me know the name thank you.

Heres the beautiful background paper I have made, and you are welcome to take this for yourself to use in your creations, however you wish, you can change the colour in your graphics programme to what ever you like.
a little FREEBIE from me to you.... Enjoy and create


I would love to see any items you make using the image so if you leave a link I can come and take a look, its always nice to see what other crafter have come up with

Here is a quickie card I made myself using the image as a background and as a topper

Have crafty fun with it. Enjoy ju x

Saturday, 19 June 2010


What a fabulous morning it is here today, the sun is shining, tho a bit breezy in the garden.
well I did get the sewing machine going but for how long I'm not sure, it seems its a common fault, lots of us have.
Loving the thought by Karen that piskies come in the night and sort it out, cant they see how untidy my house is and sort that out too...... lol
Loving this new media(for me) that I've added to my papers, simple stitching... dont want to get too DISTRACTED!!! just want to keep it simple, well at the moment anyhow.
For me its more about the papers and the textures so many thoughts of where you can go with this, do I jot them down or just go for it and experiment as I go on......

Here are some close up snippets.

keep meaning to make journal pages that I can look for reference but never seem to get the time
note to self:- MUST TRY HARDER! lol
But here is how its turned out........And a beautiful frame a friend gave me to finish it off, its a bit difficult to photie with the glass in as you get reflections but I did manage it lying down in the kitchen, thats the frame and not me, by the way lol....

Hope you like it x Have a crafty day everyone xxx

Sunday, 13 June 2010

SOARTFUL CHALLEGE - I'll dance at your wedding

This weeks challenge at soartful is I'll dance at your wedding

Heres the image we where given for insipiration

I have made my piece using papers and images from My Craft Studio cd - Countryside Garden.

I love the pastel colours on this piece and the edged writing and motifs.

I'd like to say a warm welcome to my new followers this week and hope you will leave me some comments good or bad, but hopefully good ones lol...
The sun is shining here this morning so hopefully where in for a good day Have fun everyone x

Friday, 11 June 2010

Adirondak Spray Inks & embossing folder

Well if this is what I get from watching qvc and ironing I better do it everyday lol.... I just love how this has turned out. This didnt take me very long maybe 30 mins sometimes art just comes to you so quickly just go with it...

I have embossed part of the card front with the diamond cuttlebug embossing folder, then I have smeared over a silver ink and then some turquoise acrylic paint, I then stamped over the top which gives only part wording because of the embossing but I think this adds to the artistic nature.
I added some 3D images with the same background paper and then a key & lock which I smudged acrylic paint onto.

I'd like to thank Anesha & carole for a blogger award

Rules of the Award:- For a bit of FUN :)

1 - Thank and link to person who gave you the award

2 - Display the award on your blog

3 - Tell 6 outrageous lies and at least 1 outrageous truth about yourself or switch it round & tell six outrageous truths & 1 outrageous lie about yourself!

4 - Nominate 7 others and leave them a message to let them know!!

so here goes truth or lies

1 I love lying in the sun by a pool with a dacari
2 I spend the summer months on a yatch in the bay of biscay
3 I am a size Zero and hate everyminute of it
4 I am a Big Brother Fanatic
5 I hate all animals especially furry ones
6 I dont like getting my hands dirty
7 I absolutely adore Ironing

I'm not going to nominate anyone for this award but if there is anyone out there want to give it a go please take the award and tell us your truths or lies x