Sunday, 12 February 2012

Goodies in the Attic

For many years I have been keeping a hoard of goodies in the Attic, waiting for that time when THE TIME IS RIGHT....... that time has now come..... we have lived here for 22 yrs this year thats how long its been up there lol.....

I used to be a spinner(confessions) and had fleeces and topps just waiting to be spun, but now I have gone into a new phase(must be the moon) of playing with felting and I have just succumbed and ordered a felting machine, (this item was essential, I NEEDED it in order to use up the stash in the attic, saving money and clearing the attic at the same time, when you think about it, its SIMPLES!, well thats what I told hubby)

I have lots of plans to dye my own wool as I know in that attic somewhere is a box of dying equipment raring to be used. All I need now is a complying hubby to find the time to get out the ladders and get up in that attic

wish me luck it may take some time......... watch this space.

Happy crafting .... ju x


Anesha said...

Can't wait to see you do with your new felting machine. Have fun. Hugs Anesha

Karen said...

oooo you lucky girly!!! Hope hubby gets up into your attic soon my lovely xxx